Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday inspiration:trains

It seems I want to travel by train these cold days ,but there is no cent in my until my next trip I ll just stay calm and browse we heart it


  1. these pics r radical!!
    great finds alwasy!!

    we always love ur sweet comments!

  2. trains are magical!!! Love that last photograph!

  3. Beautiful train pictures, love the colour of the last one! xx

  4. Amazing photos. The train is by far the best way to travel!

  5. thanks sweetie :) i love these pics you posted, in portugal there is a train in the north which has the railway next to the river, right in the edge. So when you are traveling on the inside it feels like you are on top of the water. it's an amazing view, because the train follows the river and you can see the mountains and valleys where are the big grape plantations to make the Port wine :)