Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A l opera

Good morning everyone!!!I m sitting in front of my screen as usual,bored and I just found in my folders,some beautiful photos from Opera Garnier at Paris.I ve been there last summer and it was amazing...These days I have time to post older things because todays things are the same...I am waiting to start my exams.They are postponed again and again ...
Anyway, this opera building is awsome,classic with a lot of baroque details...The most famous operas took place in this scene.Nowadays  This huge building continues to be one of the most important places for operas....So now, I can imagine how the phantom of the opera can be hidden in it....


  1. oh my gosh it's so so so beautiful. i can't get over it! x

  2. Such an amazing place, every detail counts!
    Following back sweety ;)
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  3. Such an amazing and glorious place--you can almost hear the music :)

  4. ahhh paris! the opera is indeed amazing!!! and did you visit the musee d orsay??? they have this huge wooden really detailed model of the opera that just took my breath away! (i'm an architect and wooden model excite me:()


    ps. thank you for your lovely comment

  5. Thank you so much for the comment!This pictures are great!This looks amazing,I think I should go one time to Paris :) I also have a fashionblog and I would be so happy,if you could check it out!xx Tanja

  6. oh my, I love the lavish architecture of yesteryear.