Friday, September 2, 2011

It is semptember right??

photos by me  Luis Vuitton store in Paris August 2010
Im back again with more posts,since the August I was little lazy...waiting for  my exams,actually I dont know exaclty what is going to happen ,maybe I will loose all the exam period(I dont hope so),the only thing that I think about is shopping(I should think about tiding up  my room first )...I cannot wait to buy sweaters ,coats, boots etc...I want to get rid of summer..hahahaha....please winter come earlier...


  1. lovely photos! Yes I do love winter clothes I must agree!

  2. this are awesome window displays:)

  3. louis vuitton will never let me down, always th best design on window displays

  4. i always love LV windows, they are always a piece of art! and it works, i want to go inside and buy a lot of stuff! never seen this window before

  5. H vitrina tou Louis Vuitton einai akseperasta arty!

    Froso/ Style Nirvana.