Thursday, July 21, 2011

Memories part 1/3

Hi hi hi everyone!!!These really hot days everyone wants to be near the sea and without duties and dos...these really hard-to-live-in cities days I am stuck in Athens,studying organic chemistry and statists for the college exams in semptember.FORTUNATELLY, I ve spent 5 wonderfull days in NORTH WEST GREECE .5days of relaxing,sunbathing,swimming and having fun.What about now?11 days until my trip to Venice!!yeaaahh!!So I ve started to remember my memories from other trips abroad.First  destination :The eternal city:Rome

Rome has a magnificent mix:ancient ages,renaissance and nowadays(let alone food and ice creams)...ti amo Roma !

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  1. oh lovely photos :) really nice place and it´s perfect to visit such places sunny days!