Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its Venice time!!

Hello everybody!!Im a little busy these few days because I was packing for my trip in Venice and I will finally leave tomorrow!!I know that I have mentioned it many times but I so excited and I could dance all night (as the song says).I will stay there 15 days,but I will try to post from there ( I ll have with me a laptop)as it is possible.There is my list with what I want to buy from there(in my ideal world):
1.used books(in English if it is possible ,because I dont speak Italian)
2.Gucci wallet
3.ipad2(just a thought)
4.autumn  outfits
5.paper boxes for my room decoration for my friends
and if I buy all of them I need these suitcases ..hahahahaha..Iwish you have a wonderfull time!See you in the middle of August!


  1. hello there. i love the image of suitcases! i hope you have a wonderful trip:)

  2. Have fuuun!! I want all those suitcase too :)

  3. AWww! lucky you! hope you find what you want,and even more! I'd like to go to Italy sometime and learn Italian as well!
    i love this blog!
    and also,about your comment, twice huh? that must hav been tough.
    kisses <3