Monday, July 25, 2011

In the summer time when the weather is hot

I m here again after a summer weekend:)...Saturday I went for shopping !!new entries in my closet!!yeahhh!!As soon as it possible I will upload pictures of my new items!! Sunday mornig I was in the centre of Athens where I ate an american style lunch at T.G.I fridays...and now I cant waiting for my trip :)....I ve done thousands of lists with what I want to buy from Venice but unfortunatelly my budget is very low :/...but I hope to a financial miracle...Anyway,most of my time I ve spent this year , especially  this summer, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S...old but goodie :))...sometimes I ve just wonder if it is possible to have this kind of friendship for a soo long time...Actually I have no answer about it...what do you believe??
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  1. Oh I really miss Friends!
    And yes, the bag is Mulberry!

  2. Thank you for asking, I am good now, but in November I will maybe have to go to another surgery :((((
    Nothing dangerous though! :)

  3. Friends is one of the best shows, I just started watching it again. :D