Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Carrie Bradshaw and her life

Hello gorgeous!!Im back again!!Today`s post is a little bitchy but I dont want you to see it in this way..Its just some thoughts for us who watch Sex and the city and adore the life of Carrie Bradshaw,but we cannot reach it.Im a big fun of Sex and the City ,I ve been watching again and again and never get bored...
  So Carrie Bradshaw in this series ,before publish her book,was a journalist  in a weekly newspaper.In every single episode,she was shopping,going out with her friends in classy restaurants and clubs,was meeting fabulous men,let alone her apartment in the centre of New York.Ok Carrie, how high was your salary??
The answer comes from  Frenemy .com ,which is a american blog and the blogger can really estimate how much money Carrie spent at clothes,shoes,entertainment,rents and ther revenues...and the result:She spent about one trillion dollars...So there are three possible explanations:

1st: She was rich
2st:she is nowadays into a bancrupsy
3st:its fiction ,so the only thing that we can do is enjoy Sex and the City


  1. I pick option three - it's fiction, I'll enjoy it. That's the kinda life I'd want - awesome friends, shopping, writing, Mr. Big. :D

  2. Answering your question, it's totally easy to do the dripping nails. Search for tutorials in youtube, it's really easy. :)

  3. Oh how I love this series... My favorite of all time! How I wish my life was like..